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Fibromyalgia - June's Story
"I had a lot of widespread pain and aching, there are times I couldn't even pick up my daughter..." June talks about how this disorder has complicated her life and expresses what treatments have helped her through it.
I had a lot of wide spread pain and aching. There were times that I couldn't even pick up my daughter. Hi my name is June, I'm from Cologne, New Jersey. I've had fibromyalgia for probably about 20 years, possibly more. I was diagnosed with it after I had my daughter. That's actually when I started going to different doctors, everything from chiropractor, orthopedic, my regular doctor, no one could seem to find out what the problem was. Unfortunately with fibromyalgia there's really no exact test other than process of elimination. I was very depressed for a long time. They basically put me on an anti-depressant for about five years. I also went to a support group, that also helped a great deal. I think more than anything physical exercise is definitely the most important because you just feel like you're in another world and nothing is going to help you and you have to push through it. It's something that you really have to take care of yourself. Because it does affect your family, it definitely affected being a young married woman and being a young mother and going through all these feelings. But if everybody works together with it you you know can get out feeling good again about yourself.